Inglese (Workshop)


livello A2:
Starting a call – Connecting, Wrong number
Leaving a message, telephone numbers, spelling
Appointments - Making and changing arrangements 
Answer phone messages.
Durata workshop:-3 ore
livello B1:
Telephoning basics, identifying yourself, getting through. 
Exchanging and checking information, spelling over the phone. 
Voicemail greetings, leaving and taking messages, prepositions. 
Making and confirming arrangements, times and dates, mobile phone calls. 
Making and dealing with complaints, technical support, telephone customer care. 
Making and reacting to proposals, reaching agreements
Durata workshop: 3 ore

livello A2:
An introduction to emails
Formal and informal emails
Durata workshop: 3 ore
livello B1:
Exchanging information: Informing and replying, colloquial phrases, being diplomatic
Making and confirming arrangements: Typical phrases, prepositions of time, apology
Enquiries: Writing and replying to enquiries, polite language 
Requesting action: Writing to colleagues, talking about deadlines and taking action
Durata workshop: 3 ore

livello A2: (necessita il livello B1)
livello B1:
Presentation tools
Describing graphs and charts, interpreting visuals, describing trends. 
Strategies for a good conclusion. 
Handling the question and answer session.
Durata workshop: 3 ore + 3 ore

livello A2: (necessita il livello B1)
livello B1:
Arranging a meeting
Agenda setting 
Agreeing & Disagreeing 
Ending a meeting
Durata workshop: 3 ore